- Design is about creating a way for the user to have a new or improved experience of their surroundings. It must include all the senses.

In one way it is about serving society, but in another way it provides social comment.

Sometimes we respond to issues with a new product. Sometimes we ask a question.

Good design stand up to being consumed and used day after day, year after year. It can hold its own against swiftly changing  trends by having a form and  attitude that takes the observer beyond what they expect.  / Pontus Ny


Pontus interest in design began as a child when he got to try his hand at the craft in his grandfather's pottery workshop. Later, also trained at HDK - School of Craft and Design. Today, he works with everything from housing to cutlery and transport, based on the fundamental belief that design is a multi-sensory discipline where all the senses can be involved.

Examples of clients and collaborators:
Normann Copenhagen
Nordic Kayaks
Warnhammar Arkitekt & Design AB
Volvo Cars
Polestar Performance
By Rydéns

Havd Group

Radie Product Development
Svensk Stålinredning


Mee Form
Innovation Plant
Rapid images
Revolt Design

Examples of lectures and courses:

KY-Akademien Göteborg

HDK Göteborg

Formakademien Lidköping

Svensk Form Väst


Pontus Ny

Designer MFA

Interior Architect MSA